Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mother in the Eyes of Daughter

OMG... it's being a long long months that I have not come to our Blog ever since FB got on me!

When I read one of the letters to Abby just now, I can't stop thinking why children find it hard to understand it was their parents' good intention when certain restrictions were imposed oon them before they grown up as Adults. Why must it has to wait till they become parents to understand then to appreciate parents' love & care ????

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 15-year-old girl who has never been in trouble, but my mom treats me like I'm a criminal. She makes me go to church every Sunday. She makes me go to Catholic school, and I have to wear an ugly uniform. She won't help with my homework. She says, "I already did 10th grade." I can't wear halter tops, short shorts, a bikini or much makeup. If I tell her it's the style, she says, "Modesty is always in style."

When I go out with my friends, she wants to know where I'm going, who I'll be with, what we'll be doing, when we'll be back and their phone numbers. If I have a date with a new boy, she makes him come into the house and tell her what school he goes to. Then she makes him show her his driver's license and car registration.

I can't keep my computer in my room. When I'm using it in the den, she looks over my shoulder and won't let me go to chat rooms. I have to set the table even if we don't have company and sit down and have dinner with her every night.

If I can't afford something, she tells me to save up or budget better. She won't let me drive until I can pay for my own insurance. It's not like my mom's poor. We go to Hawaii and Lake Tahoe, and we've been to Europe and on cruises. But she won't even pay for cable TV. She says it's an idiot box and I should read a book instead.

She also makes me do my own laundry and keep my room and bathroom clean. She makes me do unfair chores like clean the guest bathroom even though I never ever use it. She wants to teach me to sew and cook, but I have no interest in those things.

She makes me visit Dad every week, and if I complain about anything, she says (very calmly and quietly, which I hate more than if she'd yell), "You can always choose to live with your dad."

She told me as long as I live under her roof, I have to abide by her rules even if I'm over 18. And I have to go to college, and if I don't, I'll have to get a job and support myself.

I could go on and on. Have you ever heard of a mother so unreasonable? I'm afraid to run away, but I don't know how much more of this I can take

DEAR EMOTIONALLY ABUSED: Wow! Your letter should be posted on every refrigerator in the country. Rarely do I hear about a parent who tries as hard as your mother does to do a diligent job. One day you will look back and thank her.

PS. And if by chance this letter was written by your mother -- congratulations for a job well-done. I would like to nominate you for Mother of the Year.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today marks my 6 years in America…. A country known as “American’s Dream Come True”.

It is so unbelievable that I would be here. It had never been in my dream to begin with. So, it remains a shocking experience whenever I related to people that I was here by myself 6 years ago leaving behind my daughter , family members , relatives, friends, colleagues, comrades and others . People thought I was crazy, too risky or kidding when they heard the news. I could not explain from where or how I got that courage to make such an adventurous decision 6 1/2 years ago.

When I told my family members of my decision, they were all sad to see me go. I was very touched to hear my youngest brother Alan said “I support your decision, but if you are not happy with your new place, please come back”. So I guess this might be the plan that I could fall back if my life here is undesirable or not suitable.

When I boarded the plane for that solid 24 hours alone, I knew it was the decision that I wish I do not have to turn back. I remembered my mom used to tell people that I was special in my own way. She knew that I would not jump into anything without confidence. Now, it makes me wonder if she is still around would she allow Ah Don to address her as Mom-in-law. After I graduated from high school, I wanted to pursue a nursing course in England; My Mom did not agree to it for fear that I might marry a white man and refuse to return home!! During those days, it was not a good thing to marry to “Angmokou”! It was a shame to the family! What now??

Through experience, I believe that if you choose to be happy, you will be happy. Right now, I am satisfied that my daughter is happy over there and I am blessed with happy marriage with Ah Don.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sir, No Swimsuit, please !!!

click this link below "download" ... you will know what happen !!!!!

Don't " play play " with senior... including me !!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010







Sunday, August 8, 2010


This pic was taken a couple days ago....... I am not happy to see the image !!!

Where is my cheerful look ??? I wonder and wonder !!! Time kills me or something else ??

How could I get it back ????

I have a big decision to make here !!!



Thursday, August 5, 2010


Don went to the Beach with his daughter.....on Tuesday; I am working.... do not think it's fun to be at the beach under the hot sun .... also ..... ( shihhhhh...the reason that I like to keep it to myself)

He was hanging and enjoying the sun & the water....... ( which I am sure, he did !)

Few hours later........I saw him turning into a red lobster......

Thought he has the fun time to have his body tanned...........WOW !!!!

Not quite....... I have to apply lotion to his upper body to cool his burning skin .............

Then, after dinner... he has to put on a thick winter sweater & pants..........he was chilled !!!

He has the high fever....... he got sun-sick !!!!!

Seriously, I never heard about this and never imagine that the sun can be this bad !!

He checked online and learn that serious sun-sick can kill !!!

OMG... is he going to die ??? of course NOT!!! but, it's enough for him to suffering .........he could not wake up from the couch !

Today,( Thursday ) he came to work for half a day.... and he is heading to the beach again ............. because he wants to spend his time with his daughter.

Well, well, well,......... only hope that he will not be a cooked lobster when I get home this evening.

He is a GREAT Father who deserves to be respected & loved ...........

Who are they to hate me for maried to this man ???

What are in their MINDS ???

Monday, August 2, 2010


Life is not full of sunshine and roses !!

We went through all kinds of Ups & Downs during our lifetime.

People say " We have to take life easy !!" That's not possible when one is very sick and that the Doctor has disclosed that one's life is coming to an end sooner..

But right now.. I am not in that situation but I am very uncomfortable to have sand got into my eye. It's both hurting and frustrating!!!

I am not going to give details of what happened..Certainly it is not something that I can cool off easily as long as I can't get rid of the sand in my eye!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's summer time !! The weather is getting hot. Since Teddy's hair is getting longer, curly and thicker, it's too warm for him to walk or play outdoors. He used to be very excited when Ah Don took him out for morning walk; Recently, when Ah Don took the his harness, he will lay around and show no interest to go out !

So, we took him to the groomer yesterday.

Teddy was such a good dog. He was well behave and disciplined; He allowed the groomer to do his nails. As the groomer told us that it would take 2 hours or so to complete the job so we left Teddy there. Surprisingly, he didn't bark or cry at all. In normal case when he saw Ah Don leaving him he will cry. He is very attach to Ah Don; because Teddy is his baby; We were so happy to see him behaved so well in the groomer's place; stood quietly on the workdeck quietly and let the groomer do the job on him !

When we returned to pick him, we could hardly recognise him. He looks so different !! I could not help myself from laughing at his new look. Suddenly, he becomes so tiny ank skinny without those puffy & curly hair!!

The followings are the pictures that I would like to keep and share:

Teddy's look before leaving for the "Hairdo" !!!
Sweet little cutie Teddy

little hairy monster !

Oh No!! This is not Teddy !! ( After the "haircut")
He has no hair now.

Teddy asked " Am I not a show dog now ? "

I believe his hair will grow back to its original look in 4 months and that's just good for the fall season.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


About a month ago, I saw 2 nice bird cages on sale in Craig'list. I wrote to the advertiser if he is selling the bird that I saw in the cage. It looks like a cockatiel to me. He replied me positively if I wanted the bird but he was not such if it is a male bird. I then wrote to ask him whether the bird laid any egg so far. He replied "No" and the bird should be 2 years old. I was very thrilled to hear this answer...... because...... I am looking for a boy friend to my "Forever"

Poor "Forever" is laying eggs again.She laid 6 eggs for the first time on 12/30/2009. This time it was on 05/11/2010 that she laid 4 eggs. After laying eggs, she will stop all activities. No eating, no pooing or even making noise.

"Forever" was bought from a breeder in last June to mark our 4th Anniversary. Hence, we are looking for another cockatiel to mark our 5th Anniversary which falls on 06/18/2010.

Now get back to the seller, his name is Stephen. I replied to him that I wanted to view the bird sometime over the weekend. After that he stopped responding to me .... I was disappointed.
There are other who advertised to sell their cockatiels too, somehow, I wasn't keen to contact them at all. I was hoping that Stephen will get back to me; but he didn't.

Then two weeks have passed and suddenly I received an email from Stephen's wife, Jennifer; she told me that her husband was a busy man ; so she is helping him to handle this case . She asked if I am still interested in the bird.... I answered " SURE!" and would like to see the bird this coming Saturday.

On Saturday, I called her cell phone; there was no answer; so I left a voice message telling her that we have a long weekend ( memorial day) and would like to see the bird. in one of these holidays... Sadly, there was no reply at all this time again ! I then emailed her of my interest; again I received no response from her completely. Weekends passed again! ...... With these repeated non-responsive situation, I guess I have to give up my hope for this bird. someone could have bought the cage with the bird whereas I was only interested in the bird alone!! So I have to move on and started to look for other opportunity.

Yesterday was Saturday again.... after the morning walk.... When I gave some seeds to "Forever" then I thought above that cockatiel in the cage again. Just when I was about to look for Jennifer's contact No from her email; suddenly, the phone rang.... it was Jennifer... she asked if I am still interested to have the bird..... I replied " SURE !!!!" Not going to miss this good opportunity, I told her I would come to her place around 1 to 2 PM.

After the garage sale, we drove to her place right away and it was about 20 miles away!!!

Oh! you won't believe me that very moment when I saw the bird, I have a big WOW in y heart !! it was like "Love at First Sight!"; it was such a pure and sweet bird. He has white and yellow shinning feathers. The owner told me that they had spent about $100++ on the cage alone. They told me the bird is not hand-feed and friendly to their 6 years old daughter. They got another one that the kids can play with.

hmmm guess what.... Though we don't need another cage, I have a good bargain. I have the cage and the bird at the price which is even less that the price that I paid for "Forever"!! The couple knew that I will love their bird; so the price is not an issue to them.

The name of this bird is " Sparky". On the way home, we were thinking of giving him a new name since I am not in favor of "Sparky". hahahaha we were thinking of all words ending with "ever" like whatever, wherever, whenever .. oh NO "Whatever" ??? Noway!! "Whatever" is the name for my finch darling who had passed away.; hence, this name so stay with him. Next, we want something to signify our anniversary ... finally, we decide to name this new bird as "LUCKY. When we put these 2 cockatiel together, they give us "FOREVER LUCKY" ! WaHaHa!!!!

"Lucky" can say some words that we don't understand as yet. When we put "Forever" into his cage.... oh !! he came down from the perch and started singing none stop; whistle and open his wings to welcome "Forever". Unfortunately, our "Forever" is still young and may not interested in him..... he kept singing and singing ...... what a fun to look at them !! I believe. the joy that we have from these animals is beyond words..... I guess only those people who have pets will understand us and share the same feeling with us .... 2 parakeets, 2 cockatiel, 1 cat and 1 dog !!! and 2 human beings make a Big Family here !!!!

This is our new member - Handsome "Lucky"

"Forever" & "Lucky"

Monday, May 31, 2010

Acupuncture Treatment Here ??

It's Monday, we are off for the Memorial Day. Thought we could gain a bit more of sleep this morning ... but these 2 animals ( Buddy and Teddy ) wanted us up as usual !!

Surely, this is a not a good idea to have these pets resting in the same room with us. Teddy sleeps in his bed that places in his cage and Buddy prefers a small bed that places on top of the cage. They are both very discipline and will go to their bed after we off the room light. Buddy does not comes to our bed and rests at our feet any more.

We really love these 2 animals.. they are naughty, playful but lovable most of the time.. They added some much fun to this home...... happiness and laughter.

After waking up, so, me. Ah Don and Teddy went for a 1 hour long walk this morning. By the time we started off, it's already 8 o'clock. The sun was out and hot but it's good to sweat it out as well as to have the 2 limbs exercised !!

Lately, in fact I should say it was a bout a year ago that I had tight chest most of the mornings. I insisted not to see any doctors on this. Because, I believe it was the stress and depression that I have over time and job dissatisfaction. So I decided to do Tai Chi & yoga every morning. I picked up Tai Chi Chuan since 1986, I was able to do the short series, long series ( 108 styles ). Sword and stick plus the fast fist ..... unfortunately, I have forgotten most of the movement. Now, I have to connect and mix all movements that I can remember. I create my own "STYLE" hahahahahaha .. combine with some Yoga posture; I think I can name it as Gan's TCYoga.

These form of exercise made me feel better in the day. But it does not help to release my morning congestion. During one of the visit to a Flea marketing held by a church, I came to know a Mat Salleh Doctor who was there to provide free pulse reading. I went to him to have a free reading. He read my pulse and was able to detail the various complaints that I have and concern about. So he suggested me to go for acupuncture. After making some research online, Ah Don took me to visit him one week after that. This time he took a thorough reading to decide where should the needles go !!! Honestly, I heard about acupuncture before and would not allow such treatment on me !!!! But here !!! A mat Salleh is doing that on me !!!! It's hard to believe !!!

Anyway, Dr Kurt showed me the needles and assured me that they would not cause any pain since the needles are supper fine. It went well... I could not tell how many needles were poked on me because I didn't feel anything except at one point near my wrist.

The next morning, I felt so much better. The result was great!!!

I went back 4 days after that for 2nd treatment... hmmm this time the result was not good. The Doctor said the effect could be up & down.. Then I went in again for the third treatment!The result was not good for the nest day but 2 days later. On the 4th visit, the Doctor gave me some Chinese herb powder. I feel better with this medicine. Hope this will end my chest congestion and also hope that there is no hidden sign that I should be concerning about ........ because my time is approaching........ 67 is not too far away.


Now, let's share some happy moment of these 2 animals

2 of them liked to play and fight like kids

After that they were both exhausted and needed rest

Sometimes, they like to hug each other just like this.... very sweet !!
OH... We are both too tired now

They do not have a good sleeping pose

Teddy is like a dead dog when he sleeps

Buddy sleeps like this sometimes. When he wants attention, he will do this too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feeling on Mother Day

Received this email in the morning of the Mother Day 2010. The title is " Her last Call Was From Cell Phone " What a sad case !!!"

" The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she Pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the Motorcycle. The riders reaction time was not sufficient Enough to avoid this accident. The car had two passengers; And the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them. The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact And landed 20 feet from where the collision took place. All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) were Killed instantly. This graphic demonstration was placed at The Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department.. Pass this on to car drivers or soon to be New drivers, or new motorcycle owners

On this Mother Day, I wish every driver will stop using, talking and text message or viewing pictures from the cell phone while driving. Please remember, your passengers' lives are in your hand. Accident like this can cause death to hell instantly..... Just imagine how sad will the parents be for the loss that could be avoided if.......... NO CELL PHONE IN USE WHILE DRIVING!


Talking about mother day... as usual, Don placed his gift for me on the table before I got up from bed this morning. This has been his way of giving me surprise on special occasion...

Yesterday (Saturday), after we came back from Garage Sale he told me he needed to go out for a while ... and for years , I knew he was going to buy something as present for me ... so I reminded him " Please, don't spend money to buy me any diamond ring or what!"

Having said that...... made me wonder what he would buy ! I was more anxious and curious to what is in that in a tiny Bond Jewelry box..

Wow... it is Pandora Jewelry !!!! I have not seen one or heard about this before....( May be I have stopped mall shopping for long long time and I am out of date on these kind of "In things" !) It is a nice sterling silver bracelet with all different kind of Zen beads and cubes.. it is classy and unique... and I like it a lot !!!

Thank you Ah Don.

For this kind of bracelet, one can always pick and select the choice of beads, mix and match to create own designs. Also, the designs of beads are simple, colorful, attractive and classy. Another advantage is one can begin with just a few beads & cube when the budget is tight and add more when there is extra $$$$$ in the pockets later on. It's good idea, isn't it ??

Right now,this bracelet chain is 3/4 full just so I can see the bracelet chain......... If I like to have more, it would be reserved for Ah Don to fill them up on our 5th Wedding Anniversary which is just a month away. So, Work Harder Ah Don!!!! hahahahahahaha

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Once a month, we take Teddy to the Arlington Park to meet his friends of Small Dogs Club. This is a newly formed club intended for small dogs / puppies to meet and play together as well as for owners to exchange information how to raise & keep small dogs happy and healthy. Oh yeah... These small animals are like kids. You will hear them calling their dogs .... sweetie, honey, darling boy, girl. For us... It's just Teddy !! :):):):)

Teddy has been with us for over 2 months. We found him a smart and sociable dog. He is full of energy and quick to learn thing.

He was a bit frustrated today at the park because other dogs were not as playful like him. They were not running and chasing with Teddy! :(:(:( In fact when we reached there one of the dogs was getting very aggresive and attacking Teddy. hmmmm as part of the rule, furious dogs are not allowed to mess around, so the owner has to take him home!!!

Yesterday when we were at one of the garage sale venues, we met one couple. The lady told us that they had a pet schnoodle before but the dog died sometime ago. She loved Teddy so much that she asked Ah Don if she could buy our dog ?? She told us that they love the personality of schnoodle. Schnoodle is very smart and lovable.... So, do you think we will sell Teddy to her ??? No way.... Teddy is Ah Don's " spoiled brat". He loves him more than anything else in this planet !! He has been playing with Teddy all the time.

Teddy is completely attach to him. Teddy knows that we will leave him for work in the morning so he will follow Ah Don everwhere. He will wait patiently outside the bathroom. Whenever he missed the sight of Ah Don, he will search through everyroom for him. We are not sure how long it takes for him to settle down after we left. He can't jump to the window like Buddy to see us off . what he can do is to scatch the door and cry. We believe after that he will go and chew the rug to express his anger and frustration .. Oh yes, we have to give him that rug to destroy as well as many toys on the floor for him to play. Luckily, he has Buddy to play with. Two of them like to sit and watch the birds.. With these two animals around, they take away the freedom of our 3 birds. I am still hoping tht they can be friendly to our birds.

When we come home from work, I have to let Teddy out to meet his Big Daddy otherwise he will get too excited and pee right away!! Buddy is my boy, when he see me home he wan tme to touch him. Buddy can be sastified easily.

There is so much fun to look at these 2 animals we are thankful to Nicole and Tiffany who allow us to adopt their pets. they are both happy that their pets are in good hand and we always update them with photos and information.

Through this new relationship and the bond that we have with our pets.... now I fully comprehend why some people would spend so much money on their pets and why did they cry and missed so much when their pets are gone.........

One of our colleagues has 4 dogs. He is single and his reason to own so many dogs .... because he needs not have to worry about the children's problem and not need to spend money on education !!!!!

Teddy Looks "handsome" sometime after brushing

Some of Teddy's friends at the Dog Park

Teddy loves to go for car drive

" Are we there yet? " Teddy asked

Ok ok....... I will sit downand be a good boy
"Is that the dog park that we are going today?"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It has been a while I did not write about our pets. "

"Putera & Puteri" - the parakeet,

"Forever" - The Cockateil

"Buddy" - the Cat

"Teddy" - the Dog.

They are all animals that we love like our kids.

Don take care of 4 legged animals and I look after the 3 legged animal.

He has to walk the dog 2 times a day, feed them and clear their litter box. Teddy is still a puppy like to chew anything available. He is very connected with Ah Don. Teddy comes to me every morning for the yogurt. At first, I just let him and Buddy finished whatever left over from my breakfast. Later, we found that the both like eat yogurt. So we have to buy a big container of plan yogurt to fee them. I believe yogurt is fine for these 2 monsters!!!

I called them monsters because sometime they are just too playful. When we adopted Teddy, we were worried that Buddy would not like him; after less than a week, they got closer and more friendly to each other; they began to play and run over the places. Buddy likes to go up to the couch then jump down to attack Teddy; and Teddy went wild, Buddy hide behind the couch. Teddy is a smart dog but he is not smart enough to find Buddy.

Every morning, before we go to work, we have to take all Teddy's toys to the floor just so he can play by himself when Buddy hides away from him to take his afternoon nap!

Teddy likes to go for car drive. He is following us to Garage sale every Saturday. He has picked up few commands. Unfortunately, Buddy is an indoor cat. He likes to go out like Teddy but he will rush back home as soon as he saw someone passed by.

They have different characters but they are just like young kids; need a lot of attention, love and care.

Looking after them really need time and effort... but it's so warm to see how excited the dog, the cat and the the birds can be when he saw/ heard us coming home from work !!

He will chew any toy in a minute
Some of Teddy's toys
They are wondering " When can we have these birds as snack?"

Now, they rest together like brothers

Hayden's 3rd Birthday

March 25th is Hayden's 3rd Birthday.

I last seen him in New Jersey was iduring the X'mas of 2008.!!! He was then still a small baby wanting his dad Chris to carry him...... but this time when we met him on his 3rd birthday in Tampa.... he is such a cute and big little boy !

Look at his pictures you will agree with me that he is going to be a handsome boy when he grows up !!!

Melisa drove him and Frank all the way from New Jersey to Tampa 24 hours on the road non-stop. Bravo !!! I will never experience this nor would I ever try to make this happen!! 24 hours on the road with 2 young kids!!!! No joke !!! It's a tough job !!!

It's nice to be invited by Melisa to her aunt's house at Tampa to celebrate Hayden's birthday together with her relatives. Her aunt was very nice to us. Ah Don was full of excitement when he saw Hayden.

Frank is Melisa's eldest kid. He has grown so tall too !!! He was a little shy kid at our wedding in 2005.

Oh time flies...... Kids are growing up and we are dragging and walking closer to somewhere that everyone has to go one day !!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Toyotas Are Unsafe?

We have a 2008 Toyota Camry.  I'm sure you have all seen the newscasts about the "major" problem Toyota has had and the major recall.  Why even the head of the federal Department of Transportation said people should stop driving their Toyotas.

Oh my gosh!  This must be a terrible problem!

Well I received and read the pre-recall notice and laughed.  I now have the official recall notice.  Let me quote from the section of the notice titled "What is the Condition?"

"As we notified you earlier this past fall, the defect is the potential for an unsecured or incompatible floor mat to interfere with the accelerator pedal and cause it to get stuck in the wide open position. ..."

Soooo, it is obvious that the problem is NOT with the automobile but with idiots who don't install their floor mats properly!!  Because of these idiots, Toyota has spent LOTS of dollars to compensate for their stupidity.  In addition "... Toyota will install a newly designed override system in your vehicle... This system will cut engine power in case of simultaneous application of both accelerator and brake pedals at certain speeds and driving conditions..."  Thank you Toyota.  Maybe this addition will keep those idiots from slamming into me.

The whole Toyota recall fiasco was nothing more than a "media event".  I enjoy my Camry.  It is solid, comfortable and SAFE!  Unlike American cars that sound like tin cans and almost have recalls per week (but of course we don't hear about those recalls).

It is a shame that such a fine auto maker has to take such a beating because U.S. auto makers can't get their heads out of their butts and make a competitive car. Top management is only interested in their big bonuses and of course they don't have to change because the government will save them.  

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


When Teddy and Buddy are getting naughty and becoming destructive..... I asked Ah Don, " why are we keeping these 2 kids at this age ???? "

When Teddy and Buddy are cute and nice, then I said , " We are lucky to have adopted these 2 animals" !

So, do you actually know what I mean ??

Mainly because they are just kids full of curiosities and playful. They ask for food and like to play!! Two of them enjoy playing and chasing each other. Buddy does not like to play rough and will not play for long; he likes to have his quiet time to sit and look through the lanai like an artist admiring the scenery. Once Teddy started playing he can't stop especially when he has the mood to play!

After our effort for weeks, these 2 animals get along fine these days. Luckily, Mom was here to keep an eye on them when they were first brought together. We needed to make sure they did not kill each other when we leave 2 of them at home while we go to work. What we have to do in the morning is to gate the entry to the living room so that they will not overplay and knock down my collection of clocks and fragile items on the shelves.

They have the chance to rest together during weekend.
Not sure are they together like this when we are at work!
This is Teddy. He chewed my flip flop and he knew he has done something wrong!
When I asked "Who did this?' He would feel guilty like this !!

He won't look at what he has done !

Instead.... He asked for "forgiveness like this !"

Teddy like to eat Cat food, so we have to separate them at their mealtime!
Teddy can't jump up!! Buddy is getting fat!

So far, Ah Don is taking care of these 2 pets; he walks the dog and clean up the litter
and I take care of him & the 3 birds.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This Picture was taken on The Mother day in 2005. It was definitely the most happy and proud moment to celebrate the mother day together with my eldest sister and her family.

It was few days before I left for New Jersey. Such sweet memory could only be recaptured in photos. This is why I like to take and keep pictures.

My eldest sis, Yee Mei & me
Suo Mein, my eldest sister Yee Mei and me

All mother were cutting the cake

This is my eldest sister's forever rest home
I just received this precious pic from my niece. It made me cried for a moment......
The prolong illness had robed away her quality life;
she is now resting in piece at this beautiful and special place..
Dearest sis, you are always remembered in my heart

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This morning I went to work for half a day and have to come home to rest since I was still coughing hard and blowing nose. I am also concern that It's not fair to spread this cold to other staff in the office.

Now, I began to question is this a bad tiger year for me ? Or that something undesirable is going to happen sooner than I guess? Whatever it is .. I believe I am ready for anything. I always believe that fate is there just like karma. In my religion, we believe we can eradicate our karma, we can converse poison to medicine with preserve and undefeated spirit. I am not strong in this; hence, I learn to take what's come. I'll let thing happen at its own pace and sequence.


Teddy likes to look at "Forever", this is what he normally does to stand up straight for a few second to see what's "Forever" is doing ?

Teddy can walk a few steps with this pose too

Teddy and Buddy like to play at night before bedtime. so
we have to put Teddy's bed in his crate and lock him up at night

This was the first time we took Teddy out to Dog Park to
meet some other small dogs. A group of us is going to form a
small Dog social Club soon
Never expect Teddy to be so sociable but he did great in playing
with all other dogs.
He was so outstanding and energetic running, chasing and playing

Teddy was having a little training to jump across the loop !!

OH Sure ... this is his proud Owner !
Now! Look at Teddy's dirty face after playing wildly !

At Last, we make peace for these two animals to be friendly with each other
It's our achievement!! We made it happened in less than 2 week's time !!